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Below are some examples of the quality work I've fabricated


Retrofitting a new internal calandria into the Portland Kettle Works boil kettle at Lowercase Brewing


Retrofitting a new lauter screen, rake arms, rakes and grain out plow into an older Metal Craft 15bbl mash-tun at Fracture Brewing


We took an old Portland Kettle Works 3.5bbl brew house and built some custom lids at Yovu Beer

Washing Machine.jpg

Check our this collaboration fabricated for Imperial Organic Yeast

Hop icon.jpg

Just like a conical fermentation vessel without the racking port

Hop icon.jpg

4 vessel brewhouse with Boil Kettle, Mash Tun, HLT, and CLT

Hop icon.jpg

We fabricate brewing equipment, check out our first nano fermenter.


Steam distillation project we built for our friends at Blue Canyon Farm


Sisters Coffee put in a new curved bar and needed a custom drip tray to fit


Russell Street BBQ needed a new grill top check how we built one for them

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